Meet Anna. Dedicated human rights activist, believer in world peace in this life time, passionate zazen meditator and SUP yogi, Yogobe and saprema ambassador, dancer and vinyasa flow yogini, bachelor degree holder in Cognitive Neurocience and Psychological Coaching, contagious laugher, community spider, walk talker, peoples potential releaser.

Anna teaches: Strong Flow, Flow, Relax, Chakra Yoga and Yoga for Office Dudes

Teacher training: Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, 200 hrs (Sweden, 2008). Kripalu Centre for Yoga & Health, SEVA (USA, 2009), Prana Vinyasa® 200 hrs with Shiva Rea (USA, 2009-2011), Yoga Trance Dance® with Shiva Rea (USA, 2011), Mindfulness & Philosophy with Michael Stone (Canada, 2013) 


Meet Mateusz. Brought up Wrocław in South West Poland. 
Educated in law from University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań.
Former basketball player teenage basketball coach. Passionate aboout Contact Improvisation Dance. Performing in a past with Anima Dance Company. 
Years of Practicing ZaZen, Huna and own Study on Transpersonal Psychology. The Wim Hof Method brought me to my main discipline  Kundalini Yoga in which I found the foundation of my practice.
He is also fascinated with every possibility that exists for the human body.
Currently exploring many Movements disciplines with Ido Portal Moovement Culture.

Founder and Director of Yoga Village Festival

500+ Hours Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training - Viveka Pasquier Kundalini Yoga Institutet
Rocket Vinyasa Teacher Training - Madaleine Stjenswäld Asker It's Yoga
Hatha Yoga TT - Ewa Barańska Lubińskie Centrum Yogi

Mateusz is assisting Urban OMs Certified Yoga Teacher training in 2017.


Meet Anna. Dancer from Berlin, yogi since 1998, mantra singer, devoteed practitioner, actress, asana neat freak, proud mum and wife, film lover. 

Anna teaches: Flow Yoga, Strong Flow and Yoga Basics and is also available for PT-yoga.

Teacher Training: 2010 teachers training 400 h Sivananda at Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg Germany with Sukadev. Yoga Alliance RYT-200 h. Anna has been teaching yoga for 7 years and just completed Iyengar Yoga 200 h training.


Meet Victoria a tattooed, cat loving wildchild on a quest to find liberation. 
Passionate practitioner of ashtanga vinyasa and vinyasa krama, and therefore has a big love for using the body in strong flows with proper technique as a tool to safely dive inwards. Bookworm, crocheter, traveler, with a healthy streak of darkness in her soul. 

Victoria teaches: Strong flow, Flow and Courses in Surya Namaskar

Teacher trainings: 250 hr Ashtanga vinyasa and Yin yoga with an Ayurvedic approach - YogaDevi Stockholm
200hr traditional Hatha yoga and Vinyasa yoga, YogaArts, Bali


Meet Shay. Shay has a light-hearted approach to yoga, drawing influences from traditional Ashtanga practice and Forrest yoga to connect movement with breath in a dynamic moving meditation. Asserting the practitioner's inner knowledge and taking those elements that we bring to the mat to the community off of the mat.

I find my inspiration in life, children, love, trees, mountains and desert winds are my jam.

Hometown: Moorish roots, born in Israel, grew up in Argentina, arriving to Sweden from Venice California.

Training: Stockholm Its yoga 2011. Forrest yoga seminar 2009. Yoga Alliance credential(s): RYT-200

Teaches: Flow Yoga and Strong Flow


Meet Sudhessh. Raised in yoga and tradition in Kerala. Sudheesh teaches in a traditional way with a warm humour. His classes can be perceived as "slightly" challenging, he encourages and guides yogis to pay attention to alignments. He generally keep the focus more on the asana practice of yoga.

Hometown: Kerala, India

Teacher training: 2006 Yoga Siromani, Teacher of Yoga (TTC) - The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Neyyar Dam, Kerala. 2008 Ashtanga Yoga TTC (300 h) - Rajayogi, Wayanad, Kerala. 2013 Senior Teacher of Yoga (YTTC) - Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Yoga Alliance credential(s): E-RYT 200, RYT 500

Sudheesh teaches: Morning Flow, Flow Yoga and Strong Flow and is also available for PT-yoga.


Meet Jyoti Ma. Passionate about awakening, transformation and conscious evolution. Jyoti Ma is fascinated by the innate wisdom of the body. Jyoti Ma's yoga classes center around finding and building trust and sensitivity between the (seemingly serparate) conscious mind, breath and body, so that that wisdom may be accessed and embodied. Finding structure and inspiration in the classical texts, she found rest in the commitment to yoga practice as a tool of Self-Realization. When we practice together magic happens, in devotion and sincerity. When we breath and move together we build COMMUNity. Jyoti Ma's flow classes are soft, yet powerful and dynamic. Relax classes are most often a blissful guided meditation with sound medicine in restorative fashion.

Inspirations from nature, sisterhood, mountains, sound and music. In awe with creation and the grace of Ganesha. Guided by the wisdom of OSHO, Master Dhyan Vimal and the infinite blessings of the Great Sages of South India. 

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Teaching: Morning Flow, Slow Flow, Flow & Relax Yoga.

Yoga TTs: Vinyasa Flow with Brahmani Yoga 370hr, Hatha with Raja Yogi 100hrs. 

Jyoti Ma also offers PT-yoga and sessions in IntuitiveSound Massage at Urban OM.


Meet Leni. Yogic path peace warrior, awareness increaser, fascia nerd, devoted balancer of the yin and yang, lover of all the elements, bodily truth seeker, lover of stillness, peoples person, music digger.

Leni teaches: Relax yoga.

Teacher Training: Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, 2012- 2014 Urban Om - Stockholm, Sweden. Yoga Alliance credential(s): RYT-200


Meet Annika. Annika began her yogic life through Ashtanga Vinyasa here in Stockholm - where she was born and raised – and has since then been an eager and loving student of yoga.
Just returning to Stockholm after 4 years, teaching in Saudi Arabia. 
What drives Annika's teaching and love for yoga is that the more she learn and discover, the more she realises there is to learn and discover. Yoga is a never ending journey that she is very passionate to share with others. 

She is mother of 2, lover of life and to spread love and kindness, the beauty of Stockholm and it's archipelago makes her heart beat, humans and beings of all kind inspire her.

Annika´s teaching: Strong Flow, Flow and Yoga for Office dudes 


Meet Moa. Playful, Fun-loving, Warmhearted, Happy Nurse and Yogini. Loving the body and its functions. Strong believer that the body and mind can accomplish wonders. Moa has a caring and humble way of teaching. Traveler by heart. She holds a passion for India, traditional yoga and yoga philosophy. Always a student.

Hometown Stockholm

Teaches: Relax Yoga 

Teacher training 
Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga 200h May 2015, Kranti Yogaschool, South Goa, India.
Ashtanga Yoga, Adjustments and Myofascial Release 300h November 2015, Kranti Yogaschool, South Goa, India. RYT 500



Meet Petra. Petra is a certified physiotherapist and with experience of working with stress-related illness and long term pain. Her yoga therapy work also focuses on musculoskeletal related pains. She has 15 years experience of traditional Hatha yoga, over 1000 hours of yoga training and studies Advaita Vedanta in the Swami Dayananda Saraswati lineage. She guides creative, therapeutic Hatha influenced yoga with a humble aspiration to inspire self acceptance, self love and true health. She loves seeing yogic empiricism meeting modern science. Together with Trishul Littler she works as Yoga School Coordinator for Urban OM’s yoga teacher training.

Teaches: Therapeutic Yoga and Receives clients in the Yoga Therapy Clinic at Urban OM (2017)

Certified Yoga Therapist with IAYT

Petra also offers Yoga Therapy one-on-one sessions. Visit for bookings and more information. 


Meet Trishul. Countryside resident, slightly aussie, proud mother of Siddharta, runner, mantra chanter, wisdom in a small package, lover of bright coloured clothing, loved and loving partner, yogi at heart and soul, strong coffee drinker.

Hometown: Australia

Trishul teaches: Relax Yoga, Yoga Basics, Therapeutic Yoga and Flow Yoga

Teacher Training: Yoga Alliance: RYT 500. Sivananda Teacher Training, 2008 - Poland. Pre-natal (incl Nidra), 2009 Yoga Campus London - Uma Dinsmore -Tuli, Ireland. Post-natal, 2009-10 - British Wheel of Yoga Uma Dinsmore - Tuli, Ireland. Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, 2012- 2014 Urban Om - Stockholm, Sweden


Meet Sophia. For Sophia, Yoga is the step by step process, to connect with your infinite inner resources. To be awake, alive and prosperous. To be ahead of time, to be present (pre-sense). To know thyself! To be human, means we have to handle the uncertainty and difficulties that come our way. Life is full of challenges, which disrupts our lives but our lives are also filled with happiness, magic, peace and meaning. 

I am a teacher and above all I am a student. I share the tools of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Hometown: Stockholm

Teaches: Kundalini Yoga

Teacher Training: TT level I 2007 Internationally certified yoga instructor, TT level II since 2007 on going, TT level III  21 Stages of Meditation 2015
Certified Massage Therapist, Axelsons Gymnastiska Institute 2003, 2010


Meet Alex. Sun worshipper, proud mother of Maximilian, bubbly laugher, fun-having yogini, pajama day wearer, day snooze embracer, child at heart, good listener, excellent organizer, swede freak, fun loving, jivamukti yoga devotee.

Alex teaches Strong Flow, Flow and Relax yoga.

Teacher Trainings: 300hrs Jivamukti TT upstate New York (2010), 500hrs Jivamukti Apprenticeship, Jivamukti Center Munich, Germany (2010) 95hrs Kids Yoga TT via Kids Yoga Foundation Sweden (2012)


Meet Josefine. Lightworker, body explorer, true yogi at heart, world traveller, founder of Yogiakademin, passionate about teaching only what she has experienced for herself. Devoted practitioner, eager to making the world a better place one connection at a time, nature lover and stillness seeker.

Hometown: Halmstad

Teacher Training: Ashtanga with Sampoorna Yoga, India (200 h), Hatha with Raja Yoga, Sweden (100 h), BioDynamic Breath and trauma Release, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Vinyasa with Brahmani Yoga, India (300 h), Restorative with Brahmani Yoga, Yoga Alliance certification: RYT 500


Meet Martina.
Gotlander, dancer, devoted yogi. Lover of alignment and down to earth spirituality. Spotify playlist maker, social media junkie, singer and writer. 

Martina has been practicing yoga for 12 years and teaching for five. She has a big passion for asanas and alignment and the healing effects of the yoga practice.

Martinas way of teaching is simple but precise as she is inspired by both Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. Her classes includes moving with breath, safe alignment, intellegent sequencing, body awareness and how to take help from props. She did her RYT 500 training with Yogaworks and studies continuously with different teachers to stay inspired.

Martina teaches Flow, Strong Flow and Basics.

Teacher Training:
500h RYT with Yogaworks
Restorative TT with Sarah Jonsson
Teacher workshops with Julie Martin and Annie Carpenter


Meet Ratheesh, yoga teacher, healer, above all, always in service. Indian by birth. Steeped in Ayurveda from day one.  Frequents Himalaya to hang out with the elders, receiving countless wisdom spoken and more often silently transmitted.

Ratheesh’s teaching and profound way of assisting student with kindness and respect touches people deeply.

Ratheesh says of himself that he is just a servant of the great customs and rituals who follows in the footprints of millions of yogis, and healers who walked upon the face of India.


Meet Johan. Johan is passionate about flow, authenticity, compassion, wisdom, happiness, joy, truth, kindness, oneness, unity and unconditional love. About openly seriously exploring life, growth and expansion in a curious and playful way. Through work and play, experiencing and sharing. Exploring the process of healing with the support of yoga, meditation, dance, shaking, breaking, energy work, breathwork, tantra and spiritual practices. Johan is curious about finding and sharing more light and love in life through exploring, meeting and shining light on our shadows, darkness and fears. He is honored about the opportunity to share and serve others in finding their truth and happiness.
Johan holds a MsC degree and has been working as a corporate project manager and management consultant for many years. He is also a mindfulness and meditation teacher and leads corporate leadership trainings. Johan loves surfing and is spending a lot of his time riding waves on his surfboards all year round in Sweden and the rest of the world.

Hometown: Byxelkrok, Öland
Yoga Teacher Trainings: RYT-500, Zuna Yoga Tantric Hatha Vinyasa 200h 2015, Embodied Yin 50h 2015, Embodied Flow Advanced Body, Mind, Expression 300h 2016-2017



Meet Karin aka Cookie, animal lover and defender. This zingy, energetic soul is a rhythm loving, dance enthusiastic, love practitioning, veggie craving, yoga devoted, peace searching, bundle of joy. She is mesmerised by clear night skies, a full-on lyric nerd, and childishly fascinated of all there is to learn. She will probably start moving her feet to any beat that comes on, and she will always love for you to join!

Karin teaches Slow flow, Strong flow, Relax with emphasis on a silky smooth, softer and slower approach to the practise, and you will probably hear her go on about the graceful ”seaweeding” motions when entering one of her classes. With her love for music and free movement you will also find her facilitating Let Go Meditation at Urban Om. 

Trainings: 400 hours Yoga Alliance Registered YTT (Sweden 2014 & 2017)


Meet Josephin. Plantgirl. Inversion junkie. Lipstick lover. Spiritual goddess. Womens groups and rituals keeper. Netflix zapper. Multitasker. Bath obsessed. Closer of dance floors. Constantly hungry. Flow enthusiast.  

Hometown: Kolsva

Teacher trainings: Bhakti, Super Soul Yoga 500-hours, Prenatal 100-hour, Assisting program 100-hour


Meet Martina, yogini by heart and mantra singing kundalini fanatic. Nature buff since birth and an environmental lawyer. Horse whisperer. A lover of early mornings and romancer of late nights. Passionate about health on all levels and a vegan devotee. .
Martina's classes can be an antidote for stress and a place where you are allowed to be exactly who you are be by breathing, feeling and moving in a soft yet powerful way. 
Martina teaches relax yoga and kundalini yoga at Urban OM. 
Yoga Teacher Training

200 hr YTT Ashtanga Vinayasa Flow, Sampoorna Yoga in Goa, India (2016)
Level 1 Kundaliniyoga Teach Training with Stockholm Kundaliniyoga Center (2017-2018)


Meet Denise. Independent woman and mother of one, two and three, believer that peace comes from within, computer programmer, uses her yogi powers to unite, world traveller, business professional, player of traditional Irish music, promoter of equality and oneness, rubics cube solver.

Denise teaches: Basics and Relax yoga.

Teacher Training: RYT200 - Vinyasa flow - Costa Rica, RYT500 - Ashtanga, Pranayama, Meditation and Kriyas - India, Yin Yoga certified, SUP Yoga certified, Pregnancy Yoga certified
Anatomy Trains certified (fascial systems).


Meet Lisa: Irish mother, physics geek, renewable energy enthusiast, enjoys running fast, laughs loudly and often, optimistic early riser, spontaneous, curious, loves dogs and coffee.

Hometown: Dundalk, Ireland
Teacher training: 200 hours, Hatha Yoga, Pure Health, Dublin. 300 hours, Ashtanga, Pranayama, Meditation and Kriyas; Kranti, Goa. Pregnancy Yoga certified, Ard Nahoo, Leitrim. Kids Yoga certified, Rainbow Kids Yoga TT. Certified in Yoga for Optimal Health, Macmillian Centre, Belfast. 500 hours RYT