Meet Emma Amrita. Bouncy beat loving brown-eyed Nacka girl. Happy, playful and slightly crazy ;). Shape shifter with rainbow hair and a contagious laughter. Former army girl and sporty spice. Strong and loving super-mum of two baby jewels. Dancing queen. Loves working out and letting go.


Urban hippie. Baby mama. Therapist & group leader. Creator of LET GO and life long music mix maker. Picky coffee drinker. Wannabe writer. Image maker and space creator. Passionate about supporting people to step out of the personality and find the courage to be real. 

Isa holds a degree in psychology from the University of Stockholm as well as a degree from Swedish Acadamy for Psychoterapist Education (SAPU). Part of creating Baravara and Urban OM. Leads groups at Baravara ( and workshops at Urban OM as well as giving private sessions. 


Meet Madhu. Mother of Magic Malas and two grown up sons. Beautifier and Lover
of the Ocean. Loves flowers, colors, crystals, fabrics, rituals and bees. Barefoot walker. Moon watcher. Passionate dancer and tarot card reader. Co-creator of blueLOVENOW, an organisation with the mission to bring back beauty and balance
to the Mediterranean.


Meet Premala. Long time urbanite, medidude, body worker and therapist, family constellation facilitator, school teacher with focus on special education, proud mother of three, baravara assistant, former catering company owner, cooking is as a form of meditation, bicycles everywhere, Vasastan resident, loves to cook and host long dinners for family and friends, paints driftwood in the most beautiful way.


Meet Patrik. Authour, public speaker, inspirator and creator, founder of treatment center for internet addicts, devoted father, gym goer, lover of soul growth, former rapvartist and bandmember of famous 90´s group, break dancer, book worm, loves to run through sleeping cities and vibrant forests, addicted smoothie drinker, recipe creator, lover of dance in all forms. 


Meet Karin aka Cookie, animal lover and defender. This zingy, energetic soul is a rhythm loving, fast talking, dance enthusiastic, love practitioning, vinyasa teaching, veggie craving, yoga devoted, peace searching, happy goof. She is mesmerised by clear night skies, a full-on lyric nerd, and childishly fascinated of all there is to learn. She will probably start moving her feet to any beat that comes on, and she will always love for you to join!


Meet Johan a true nature romantic and explorer of emotions. He’s eager to see what awaits around the next corner, both on his spiritual journey and on the other side of those mountains in the horizon. His second home is called California, he’s both a filmmaker and a photographer, works on his own dating app and believes in the power of challenging old masks and fears. Musically he’s a real nerd with a wide range in taste, but when it comes to the dance floor he’s a sucker for well crafted melodies, heavy bass lines, disco grooves and tender bittersweetness.