From the USA, Talib is a teacher and therapist specializing in Relationship & Trauma Therapy. He is a leader in the Path of Love process in Europe and South America. He studied Psychology at Arizona State University, USA, Osho Academy in Sedona Arizona, USA and Osho International Pune, India. 

Talib’s background also includes certification as a teacher in the Learning Love Institute, Trauma Therapy (Somatic Experiencing), Brainspotting (Trauma Healing), Esoteric Sciences (Subtle Body Healing) and Craniosacral Therapy. 

Talib has been working with people since 1994 and is passionate in sharing his experiences of integrating understandings from both the Eastern & Western approaches to human development. He leads seminars and offers individual work in Stockholm Sweden, Europe, Brazil and via Skype. 

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Kim Pravahi Tydén, Certified Medical Massage Therapist and BodySense Therapist, has 15 years of experience in her own personal development. In an intuitive way she feels precisely what your body needs and helps interpret your body's signals to release blockages and tensions. She also works with Trauma Healing (Somatic Experiencing) and life coaching.

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Iskaan’s understanding of the body is influenced by his training and experience in Yoga, Neo Reichian Energy work, Rebalancing, Breath work and various Holistic massage techniques. The most important ingredients, though, are his own dedication to meditation and his love for the human body.

Being present with a person, so they can have the experience of a deep letting go through touch instead of focusing on the tension became the core quality and interest in Iskaan’s Bodywork.

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Intuitive Massage and Healing

Passionate about self-realization, and finding deep peace in the mind and heart. Jyoti Ma's desire is to inspire a gentleness of heart and together dissolve/ transform what no longer serves you into Light. Her service is to lift it out of you. Jyoti Ma weaves many different techniques from multiple disciplines to access the highest healing potential available. She has over 10 years of her own journeys from jungles to satsang and urban life. She has been teaching yoga full-time since 2014 and offering bodywork since 2015 including classical massage, Alchemy of Touch, shamanic practices.

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Sudheesh was born and raised in a Hindu Pandit family in Kerala in the very south of India. Yoga vedanta and Ayurveda has been present all his life through the family’s practice, Jeevamrutha Vidyashala.

He started yoga at the age of seven together with his brothers and were also at an early stage introduced to basic Ayurvedic treatment techniques and recipes from his grandfather who practiced as an Ayurvedic Doctor. In 2003 he started to work as a massage therapist at the family clinic and later on went to work at different clinics around India.

Sudheesh is available for Ayurvedic massage and PT-yoga. 

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Since 1990, Shubhaa has dedicated her life to seeking for the truth and sharing her gifts and talents with others who are also longing to open their hearts. She is a therapist and facilitator of the Path Of Love and holds a degree in Psychology, from the University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil, specializing in Gestalt & Relationship Therapy. She is also a certified teacher and therapist in Co-dependency Therapy. Trained in Tantra, Bio-energetic Therapy, Rebirthing (Breath Therapy), Encounter, Bodywork, Coaching, Relationship Counselling and Trauma Therapy. 


Meet: Premala. Leader of LetGo Meditaitons. Mum of 3 youths. Facilitator of Family constellation & holistic counsellor/therapist. Following joy. Bicycle is da shit. Driftwood painter. Ecological-vegetarian food and sustainable development lover. Mother Earth lover.

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Trainings: Training for life, Path of Love, Family Constellation Trainings


Alandra offers intuitive consultations that assist individuals in accessing their highest potential and inspiring them to rise to the best they can be, uncovering and understanding their patterns, conditioning and perceived limitations, past lifetime influences and lessons. She also addressees relationships, career, health and spiritual issues or concerns, offering suggestions, tools and techniques to rebalance, integrate, and/or access what is needed.


Meet Anibadh devoted meditator and passionate dancer. Certified Holistic Counsellor and Body Movement Coach. Works in prison with yoga and mindfulness. Halv german half Hungarian, former landscaping architect and wine producer, adventurer, former ashram inhabitant. Holds a black belt in karate and plays the trumpet.  Creator of Chakra Dance Meditation and leading the Chakra Breathing meditation and AUM meditation.



Meet Mouni. Holistic counselor, intuitive bodyworker and nourishing energy healer from Sweden. Educated chiropractor since 20 years ago, trained in massage, polarity therapy, homeopathic medicine, energy work, cupping and yoga (500 hour).

Blending her deep knowledge of these various therapies within alternative medicine she meets you in a space of presence and gentle guidance while working deeply on your body. By tuning in to meeting you where and how you are in the moment, the “signs and symptoms” present in your body becomes more clear and you will be supported to release tensions and falling into profound relaxation.

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MEET Stephanie. Certified Shiatsu practitioner. Heart person. Proud twin sister.
Nature adorer. Free dancer. Passionate about self-realization & meeting people in presence, truth and vulnerability. Enjoys playfulness, soap bubbles, climbing trees and everything that awakens awareness for the magic of the present moment. Loves playing the guitar and singing mantras.
Fascination for alternative medicine & healthy living, community & sustainability.

FROM a small mountain village in Austria. 

TRAININGS: 300h Integrated Zen Shiatsu bodywork & Traditional Chinese Medicine. 200h Hatha Yoga. Initiation in Reiki. “Path of Love” Sweden. Trainings in Tantra & tantric massage, Presence & Meditation, Qi gong & Do in, Tibetan Healing Massage.
Right now in a 1-year Zen Coaching education.